Friday, December 26, 2008

Child Guitar Lesson

Children that get involved with learning to play the guitar at a young age will typically stick with the hobby for long into their adult years. When learned at a young age, most child guitarists will also be placed in a position to be an extremely talented musician when they mature. As such, child guitar lessons are a great way to not only give kids a healthy habit, but to also give them more options after they grow up if they hold desires to become a musician, a guitar instructor, or if they just enjoy playing music in general.

A child guitar lesson is handled much like an adult lesson, only more structured and certainly less exposure to ‘inappropriate’ guitar songs! For children, the best way to retain information is to present lesson in a deliberate structured way, and with guitar lessons this is no different. Initial child guitar lessons will focus on getting to know the guitar and all of its parts, and showing the child how to tune the instrument. When ready, child guitar instructors will show the students how to perform daily drills: playing major and minor scales on the guitar, playing the chromatic scale, reading simple sheet music and practicing a new song for each lesson, and fingering basic guitar chords from memory. This structured method is a great way to not only show parents a demonstrated improvement in their child’s playing, but to also mimic the learning the child has already been exposed to in their school education which also increases retention.

Like foreign language learning, children who are exposed to musical instruction at an early age have been shown to adapt at an increased rate as compared to adult students. Much like riding a bike is never forgotten, kids who learn the guitar will have no problems tackling the advanced techniques that many adult student guitarists struggle with for years as the children have got a strong foundation of the basics from an early age. Many of the more famous guitar players were actively taking child guitar lessons since the age of 8 and up. While natural talent of course plays a role in a guitar player’s overall success, there certainly exists an advantage to a younger student that has the ultimate goal of becoming a famous guitarist versus an adult student with the same goal.

Child guitar lessons are not only a good idea for those with rock star aspirations, but literally any child who doesn’t currently have a hobby would benefit from child guitar lessons. Many studies have proven that kids with exposure to a musical instrument education will perform better in standardized tests, the workplace, and social settings in general. By instilling values in children that ‘practice makes perfect’ early one with child guitar lessons, they recognize the benefits of studying for tests, being prompt and efficient at work, and of course everyone will be impressed when they whip out an acoustic guitar at a party and cover the latest pop song!

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