Monday, December 22, 2008

Online Electric Guitar Lessons

Let’s face it, there are a lot of shady electric guitar teachers out there. Some people ‘claim’ to be a professional guitar player when offering to teach you the electric guitar, but you’ll be surprised to hear that they’ve never actually performed once and have only been playing for a year! Some ‘teachers’ have never really trained other guitar players at all, and have no effective means of communicating how to learn guitar techniques other than saying, “Here, watch this,” forgetting that a beginner has no idea what “this” is! Is there any alternative to this often disappointing traditional learning method? Yes! Online electric guitar lessons provide new players with a wealth of options for learning, and improving their electric guitar playing skills, without any of the risk involved with trying to find a decent instructor.

Instead of dealing with shady instructors, why not let the polish and impressive online websites for electric guitar lessons be your guide? You can tell just by looking and a few sites that the lessons they offer are legit, and of course these sites are free to browse from any computer, so you’ll be able to know if the lessons offered are exactly what you need, or a waste of your time right from the start. There’s also the huge benefit of being able to train whenever you want to train, and not needing to shift around your schedule to fit into the tutoring hours of an impossibly inflexible instructor. Train when you have the free time, wherever you have access to a computer, on your own terms using online electric guitar lessons!

If you had difficulty in the past picking up lessons from the “Here, watch this,”-teaching method, fear not. Most reputable online electric guitar lessons will actually bother to explain the science behind the techniques, and show you step-by-step how to learn the fundamentals of guitar playing. Instead of having to devise your own way of mimicking new techniques, you’ll be shown exactly which hand goes where, and what fingers need to go on which string. You’re also sure to get a real curriculum using an online guitar lesson source, instead of relying in the dubious instructor to cover all the concepts that you need to begin playing. Starting with the basic fundamentals, and working up to the advanced techniques, any online electric guitar lesson source would quickly be aware of any gaps in their curriculum (thanks to the nature of the internet and users who are quick to ‘help’ by pointing out flaws as soon as they notice them).

So why even bother rolling the dice with a traditional instructor if you’re a beginning electric guitar player? Online electric guitar lessons offer such a better deal all around for the novice guitarist that it’s hard to ever recommend sending them to a traditional trainer over it. In fact, compared to a traditional method of learning the guitar, many people feel like online electric guitar lessons actually spoil them with all the benefits you get!

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