Friday, December 19, 2008

Internet Guitar Lessons

A growing trend for the internet is the field of online instruction. Learning how to dance, how to program in various computer languages, and even foreign language instruction are all offered in this post-internet age. Many people are surprised to find out that they have the option nowadays to take internet guitar lessons, and receive as good, if not better, of an experience as with a traditional guitar instructor! Having many benefits over the old, traditional way of learning to play a guitar, the internet as a source for taking guitar lessons could be the opportunity many potential rock stars have been waiting for!

With everything the internet is used for, the last thing anyone would expect is to find great sources for internet guitar lessons on the web. But when you stop to think about the benefits the internet has over other methods of instruction, it starts to make a lot of sense. Using video hosting websites like YouTube or MySpace is a great way for students and teachers alike to take webcam recordings of demonstrations or practice sessions. Instead of requiring the physical presence of an instructor, why not just watch a video lesson of a qualified guitarist as they explain some techniques to not one, but an entire world wide web full of them?

Websites geared specifically for internet guitar lessons are also rapidly becoming popular with new guitar players. The basics of instruction are quick and easy to learn using streaming video demonstrations, and easy-to-navigate fingering charts and diagrams thanks to the ability of Web 2.0’s integration with pictures, video, and digital audio. It’s hard to be the simplicity of pulling up an internet guitar lesson via your favorite browser, then sitting in front of your monitor (with guitar in hand) while you follow the instructional videos and memorize fingering charts at your own pace!

A huge benefit of internet guitar lessons comes in the price—or lack thereof. For the beginner, it’s easy to find multiple sources of free guitar lessons online, many of them providing a great alternative towards a pricey traditional instructor that will only show the beginner guitarist the same basics that every player goes through. As much of the beginning aspects of learning a guitar boils down to the new player practicing fingerings, guitar chords, and reading sheet music on their own time, it’s certainly not a necessity to have a live instructor overseeing beginning lessons.

While great for the beginner, advanced techniques will generally either cost more via internet sources (well, anything would cost more than free of course) or won’t provide as faithful of an alternative compared to a traditional instructing environment. New guitar players should be aware that even with internet guitar lessons, they are ultimately self-teaching the art of the guitar; while this is fine for learning the basics it is arguably impossible to master the guitar entirely by one’s self. While streaming videos will certainly go a long way, the most effective form of instruction should include the option of getting direct feedback from an established professional.

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