Monday, December 15, 2008

Teach Yourself How to Play Guitar

It’s a sure thing that many people have been out to see a live concert featuring a great guitar player, and wished they could somehow be able to play as good as that famous guitarist. What a lot of people don’t know Is that many of today’s greatest guitarists have been self-taught the art of the guitar. So what exactly is so different about them and the next person? While it’s a given that traditional guitar instruction from a professional may give a novice player some advantages, teaching yourself how to play guitar is certainly a valid option when working towards the goal of being a professional musician!

Boiling it right down, everyone who learns how to play guitar is ultimately teaching themselves how to play. Think about those old adages: “Practice makes perfect!” or “Rome wasn’t built in a day!” or how about “Persistence is the key!” Well, this is all true for learning the guitar, and unfortunately for you an instructor can’t put time and effort into practicing for you, nor can they instill you with the motivation to stay dedicated. The bottom line is teaching yourself how to play the guitar will cut out the middle man (the instructor) whose job is just to keep novice guitar players on the straight and narrow, and minimize the risk of them developing bad playing habits. Of course, that service can be provided using alternative guitar lessons such as online courses designed with the self-taught guitarist in mind.

Any experienced guitarist will tell novice players that the most important thing they can do to successfully teach themselves how to play guitar is to keep practicing. This isn’t just a corny line, it’s the basic truth of learning how to do practically any skill. Practicing guitar scales and chord fingerings every day, reading increasingly difficult sheet music, and exposing yourself to new kinds of guitar playing by listening to music (and reading the transcribed guitar parts) is something anyone is capable of doing if they are seriously interested in teaching themselves how to play guitar. This means keeping up a daily dedication to practice their guitar lessons without slacking off, even though they have no ‘middle man’ to keep them on the straight and narrow road to learning. They will also have to sacrifice social opportunities in order to dedicate their free time to expanding their guitar skill level, something that even the older novice players will find difficult to commit to.

In the end, teaching yourself how to play guitar is recommended only to those that have a strong will to succeed in becoming a great guitar player. If you don’t think you fit into this role, it’s recommended that you seek out the assistance of a professional instructor or take a guitar class to help get you started. Then maybe after nailing down the basics the level of motivation you have to learn will aid you if you decide to teach yourself how to play guitar in the future.

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