Thursday, December 18, 2008

How to Play Guitar Lessons

Taking lessons for learning how to play the guitar is the most used method for improving from a beginning guitarist to an advanced one. Even though many guitar players begin lessons hoping to ultimately become a talented electric guitar player, the general method for learning to play guitar utilizes the acoustic guitar as a more simple method of learning the basics. For those interested in getting a proper guitar education, there exist many traditional and unconventional methods for learning how to play guitar: using a private guitar trainer, taking a guitar class, using a guitar lesson book, buying guitar learning software, or taking online guitar lessons via the internet.

Most methods of learning the guitar take the beginner through a similar series of steps, and thus each are equally effective for initially introducing the basics to the novice guitarist. For those who are on a budget, it makes sense to avoid hiring a private guitar trainer or purchasing guitar software when free options like online lessons exist that offer the same value for beginners. The first thing learned by a new guitar player is the anatomy of the guitar—from the tuners at the top to the hollow body at the bottom, new players should be familiarized with all aspects of the parts of a guitar, including the function of each specific part. They should also be able to identify if a particular part is in need of repair, and be able to string or tune the instrument properly while learning the fundamentals of playing the guitar.

The core information for new guitar students to absorb is how to play guitar scales, and finger notes/chords from memory. This portion of a beginner’s curriculum is what will occupy the majority of practice time, in lessons and in the daily drills outside of lessons. While having a live guitar trainer can help students with correct posture, and strumming/plucking form while learning chords/scales, the majority of learning at this stage consists of sharpening basic skills through daily repetition—again, something that an online course can easily provide at a lower (or non-existent) cost to the new guitarist. The point at which a traditional guitar trainer becomes more useful than alternative sources for lessons is debatable, but generally speaking the more advanced a particular lesson/guitar technique is to learn, the more valuable having a professional guitar instructor will be. That being said, it’s entirely feasible for many guitarists to independently learn to master the guitar without ever hiring a private trainer.

Deciding on the method of learning how to play guitar is ultimately not as important as being dedicated to learning. When you are able to devote a weekly amount of time for advancing your guitar skills without fail, it’s hard to not become successful in becoming an accomplished guitar player. For the beginner, the most vital portion of their experience is in getting past the basic fundamentals, and deciding that playing the guitar is something they want to continue learning how to improve upon.

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